Steps to Fulfill the Feng shui Philosophy


Feng shui means “wind” and “water” in English. The feng shui philosophy advocates for one to arrange items in their house in a manner that creates a harmonious balance between an individual and their environment. The feng shui scheme ensures that your life feels both energized and comfortable. Some of the steps one may take to ensure their house looks healthier include;

Check all Your Important Positions

The most commanding positions in a home are the bed, office working desk and the kitchen. Therefore, one is advised to reorganize all these areas for them to be adjacent to the door to receive the favorable lighting and energy. Alternatively, you can mount windows in your kitchen; bedroom and home office to ensure you receive optimal lighting.

Remove all the Clutter

Keeping many items disorganized in prevents proper entry of energy in a house. You should adopt a culture of organizing and cleaning up all your working stations every day. Keeping your house tidy helps you stay stress free and motivates you before beginning a day’s activities. Also, you should always keep your windows clean to maximize the sunlight penetrating to your house.

Clean All the Entry Points

Always clear all the areas close to your doors and any other entry ways. Cleaning these entry points helps to ensure that optimum energy enters your house. Do everything humanly possible to make your house look adorable. For instance, you can add some plants and attractive artwork to any available space in the house. Lastly, to make your house look more attractive by fixing shoe racks in appropriate places on the wall and find places to hang your important clothing.

Get rid of all Obstacles

Clear all the most frequently used ways in the house. Most commonly used routes include; to the bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and the home office. Also, you may rearrange the house to ensure free passage in all areas in case there are items like tables, a cabinet and a chest of drawers.

Start Keeping Plants

One should add more plants in the house and place them in the best position that they can be viewed. Green plants naturally bring positive life energy and freshness in the house.

Mount Memorable Photographs

You mount your favorite photographs mostly in your living room or home office. Such pictures instill one with positive energy and motivation.

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